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Open Your Own Drop Shipping Business for Cell Phone Accessories

It is easy to get started in business with Drop Ship Cellular.com. We offer high quality cell phone accessories that people need. You purchase the products at wholesale price from us when you receive an order on your web site for retail price. You therefore do not need to purchase inventory, because you only purchase products after you sell them. We then drop ship the products for you, and put your company name and web address on the shipping invoice. We leave the price off of the invoice, so you can charge whatever price you want. Our wholesale prices are highly discounted, so you can make substantial money on each sale.

There is No Cost to Join Our Program

Many drop shipper programs charge money to join, monthly fee, or per order fees. It is hard to make a profit with all of these extra fees attached. We want this to be profitable for you, because our success depends on your success. Our program is free and easy to join, so apply now.

Free Product Data Feed, Web Site and Graphics to Use

If you already own a web site you can simple download our images and spreadsheet of products to load into your shopping cart. If you need a web site we have designed a ready to use web site you can install on most any PHP enabled web hosting or server. You can also modify the look of the heading and footer to give the web site your own unique look and feel. If you are handy with HTML and PHP you can modify the web site in any number of ways.

Monetize the Traffic of Your Current Web Site

Our shopping cart may also be added to a subdirectory of your existing web site like this example. www.example.com/cellular
This could be a good way to monetize the traffic of your site without having to use a bunch of affiliate links. You keep your visitors on your site, which makes your site even more useful. Now your visitors may return to your site for their next order, rather than going straight to the affiliate site.

Instructions on How to Get Started in a Drop Ship Business

We give you plenty of information on how to get started in this profitable cellular accessories business. We show you how to save money when purchasing domain names, web hosting, and search engine advertising. We give you information on joining search engine directories, and how to get your site listed. Plus, we give you some money saving coupons on paid search. Everything is detailed for easy use in our member's only section.

This is Not an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs can be tough to track sales. You are a true reseller of drop shipped goods, and you are therefore branding and building your own company and web site business. No sales tracking issues, because you actually make all of your own sales. You can take orders using payment methods such as PayPal, StormPay, money orders, cashier checks, or credit cards if you have an online merchant account. This is your own business, so you decide which payment methods will work for you.

You Set the Markup on Hundreds of Products

Just select how much you would like to make on each battery, charger, or hands free system ordered. When you make a sale simply login to our shopping cart and order the products to be drop shipped. DropShipCellular.com has hundreds of top selling cell phone accessories for you to sell right now. No inventory to stock in this ever changing market.

What Are Your Wholesale Prices of the Cell Phone Accessories?

Our shopping cart is located in the member's only section. We do not want everyone to openly see these low wholesale prices. We believe most people will be very happy when they see the amount of markup that can be made on these products. There is no cost for applying to our drop ship program, and therefore nothing to loose.

Drop Shipping Information

We ship orders to the Continental 48 United States. All orders placed outside this shipping area will be cancelled. You can at your discretion have the products shipped directly to you, and then ship them yourself to other locations outside the Continental United States. You could simply put a surcharge on your web site for this type of shipping. We do not charge any fees above the product price, except shipping and handling, which is currently only $4.95 on standard U.S. First Class shipping, and $9.95 on U.S. Priority Mail. Most every order is shipped within two business days, and you will be notified right away, if there will be any delays due to inventory. Rarely, do we run out of a product, and we can usually have it back in inventory within just a couple days.

Product Guarantee and Return Policy

Drop Shipping Company Sign Up We want you to feel comfortable selling your customers these quality products. DropShipCellular.com has made the return policy simple, so you can spend more time selling and less time with hassles. We believe your job should be sales and not problem solving, so we offer the following guarantees.
90 Day 100% Replacement Guarantee: Your customer can send the defective product back for replacement within 90 days at no charge. If we no longer stock or sell the product we will refund the full purchase price.
30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer a 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee on our products, minus shipping costs. Just contact us for a RA Number (Return Authorization Number) and you will be refunded as soon as we receive the merchandise in like new condition.

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